Droptops & Freeway Tapes

NOTE: Gotta kill witnesses...

1. The Last Two (featuring Beans & Young Chris)
2. Still In Effect
3. Free
4. Stimulus Intro
5. Stimulus Outro
6. This Can't Be Real
7. What We Do (featuring Beans & Camel)
8. All My Life
9. Never Gonna Change
10. When They Remember
11. One Thing (featuring Raekwon)
12. Baby Don't Do It (featuring Scarface)
13. I Cry
14. 1-900-HUSTLER (featuring The ROC)
15. All In Together Now (featuring State Property)


  1. The Stimulus Package might just have my favourite album sleeve ever. Was worth the price of purchase alone.

  2. @Victor I purchased Stimulus Package from Amazon, so I never got the chance to really see the album packaging. Once I get my money right, I'm definately going to get my hands on the physical copy.

  3. "the last 2" featuring beans and young Chris

    you're welcome (n)

  4. 1-900 hustler >>>>>>>

    (no larry flynt)

  5. Freeway_Rick_RAWSE......

    I see what you did there.....


  6. *daps Heroine*

    I know Gun Play...

    You know Gun Play?

  7. nice comp, no 'What We Do' though?

  8. @Step One Appreciate that homie. Of course "What We Do" is on there. It's track number seven.

  9. @hl

    Yeahh it's definitely worth it man. Within the wallet you get a credit card, with a code, which allows you to download instrumentals of Jake One's beats off the net. It is the kind of added value approach that artists need to apply to charge 15 quid for tbh.


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