50th Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Fat Joe: "I'm Gone"
Make no mistake, Fat Joe is indeed a legend. Anyone who disagrees is either brain dead or a G-Unit stan. Joseph takes that one DJ Premier beat (you know the one), and gives it life with an infectious hook I still find myself mumbling from time to time. While the Guru tribute is much appreciated, the song doesn't really get entertaining until halfway in. Joey's outro contains the contrast necessary for a classic rant. Entirely self-indulging, yet genuinely emotional. Peace GOD. I'm gone.


  1. Fat Joe is indeed a legend. Anyone who disagrees is either brain dead or a G-Unit stan
    k (c)RNC Chairmen Michael Steele

    otherwise I'm Gone is dope....

    Him and & Premier should just do an album already...

  2. You too NovemberEnd?!?


    Forgive him father, for he has sinned.

  3. Hl

    seriously tho

    what makes Joseph a "legend"

    record executive power moves?
    rapping abilities?
    musical influence on future rappers?

    has anyone ever said

    "I'm a huge Fat Joe fan, he made me wanna start rapping"


    "Remember when Don Cartagena dropped, NY city was going craaazy....Funk Flex played My Lifestyle atleast 20 times that night"


    "When Fat Joe first came out he made every rapper step up their lyrics...he was that dude...his style is in most of these rappers today"

    "Remember when Terror Squad records step on to the scene...they were THAT crew....everybody was trying to get signed to that label"

  4. @NovemberEnd You're thinking too hard homie. He's put out good music for almost 20 years. All his other accomplishments are just extra.

    I will never understand though, why fans will cosign any other member of DITC being a legend, but shit on Joe. When he's the only one who's been relevent in the past 10 years. Not you NovemberEnd, but in general.

  5. I think your oversimplifying legend status

    being consistent isn't enough in my book to be put in Legends category....

    you have to be GREAT, INNOVATIVE, INFLUENTIAL at one time or another...

    Joe music been good but hes also had moments where hes been mediocre as well...never GREAT, INNOVATIVE or INFLUENTIAL

    as far DITC crew being regarded Legends but Joe...maybe because they are producers....or maybe its because Buckwild, Diamond D, Showbiz, Big L were GREAT at one point in time...

  6. I see there's no convincing you.


    One down, forty nine to go.

  7. Cappadonna really is a legend though. Gave Rae and Ghost their styles. They say he was the Slick Rick of Staten Island.

  8. Oh, I thought you were being sarcastic.

    Carry on.(c)Verses

    RIP Verses

  9. Fat Joe IS a legend.

    Maybe not on the level of other cats, but he's a legend. He was down with DITC, gave us Pun, repped for our latin brothas and has managed to reinvent himself and stay relatively relevant for almost 20 years.

    If that's not enough then I don't know what is...

  10. "If that's not enough then I don't know what is..."


    That's all I'm saying.