42nd Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Curren$y: Airboune Aquarium
Written by Deen from It Was Posted

The beginning notes of Airborne Aquarium hint at what I thought Pilot Talk 2 could have been: an improvement on and possible perfection of Curren$y's formula.  Yet another long verse densely packed with a myriad of non-sequiturs.  Some hilarious, some profound, others familiar and others just random as fuck.  At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I figured I was about to hear Curren$y's tribute to Supreme Clientele or at least a superior companion to Pilot Talk, but unfortunately we got neither.  However, as far rap songs go in 2010, you'd be hard pressed to find anything more enjoyable or imaginative.


  1. "I figured I was about to hear Curren$y's tribute to Supreme Clientele..."


    Cmon sun. GTFOHWTBS sun.

    Great song though.

  2. [Lil Wayne]
    All I have in this world is a pistol and a promise
    A fist full of dollars, a list full of problems
    I'll address them like P.O. Boxes
    Yeah I'm from New Orleans, the Creole cockpit
    We so out of it, zero tolerance
    Gangsta gumbo, I'll serve 'em a pot of it
    I'm wealthy, still fuckin wit that block shit
    Wet your ass up, head to feet til your sock a drip
    Don't strip, you might fall and bust your ass
    No snakes at the carter, tell the gardener to cut the grass
    I hear 'em but they talking under mass
    Stop throwing pebbles at a bulletproof glass
    That's Cash Money, honey pie
    We ain't runnin, we don't hide sayin fuck the other side
    Don't get caught on it, this the dailiest grind
    I'll put your heart on it and walk on it
    The chalks only for the art homie
    How they trace ya after I erase ya
    Look around, we at war and you still in preparation
    I'm riding for them reperations, No patience
    Slow paper is better than no paper
    Fast money don't last too long, you gotta pace it
    You gotta know that paper
    If you got it from a caper, you gotta blow that paper
    Gotta know that photo fobia, no kodak moments
    Feds walls with my pictures on 'em
    Nah, I ain't even in the school yearbook
    I don't do too much posin, got a cool killer look
    Career crook, get your career took
    I'm back like a brizeer hook
    Bitch cheer, camoflauge gear, the hunter's here
    Better play it by ear, you ain't nothing but a deer
    Around here and this here is The Carter
    Serve it while it's hot out the pot to your mama
    And Slim tell me ain't nobody hotter
    But get your boys some different sauce, I want the whole enchilada
    I got 'em by the collar, watch me drop 'em
    On the head at the bottom
    You ain't gotta shoot 'em cause I already shot 'em
    And I ain't gotta get 'em cause I already got 'em
    Get 'em

  3. Lil Wayne lyrics? I'm confused.

  4. Definately agreed on this one as it's one of my fav' 2010 Spitta songs which isn't a single.

  5. I can't believe that managed to hate on my hate. That's special...

  6. Deen, this is what I do man. lol I actually kinda got the Supreme feeling listening to this song too. Just trying to get the comment section popping off (II).