Droptops & M.O.P. Tapes

NOTE: Flocka!!!

1. 4 Alarm Blaze (feat Jay-Z)
2. Ante Up Remix (feat Busta Rhymes & Remi Ma)
3. B.I. vs Friendship (feat Guru)
4. Background Niggaz
5. Bang Time (feat Styles P)
6. Blow the Horns
7. Breakin' the Rules
8. Brownsville
9. Calm Down
10. Cold as Ice
11. Crazy (feat Termanology)
12. Downtown Swinga
13. Downtown Swinga II
14. Downtown Swinga III
15. F.A.G. (Fake Ass Gangsta)
16. Face Off
17. Firing Squad
18. Half & Half (feat Guru)
19. Home Sweet Home (feat Lord Have Mercy)
20. How About Some Hardcore
21. I Luv (feat Bumpy Knuckles)
22. New York Giants (feat Big Pun)
23. No Mercy (feat Pharoahe Monch)
24. Power
25. Ring Ding
26. Rugged Neva Smoove
27. Salute II (feat Guru)
28. Stick To Ya' Gunz (feat Kool G Rap)
29. Stick To Ya' Gunz (Pete Rock Remix)
30. Stop the Show (feat Stat Quo & Alchemist)
31. Warriorz
32. Watch Out
33. Welcome to Brownsville (feat Teflon)
34. Who Got Gunz (feat Guru & Fat Joe)
35. World Famous


  1. note: Flocka

    ^lol. That's a tuff tracklist hl. nice!

  2. Good shit.

    I'll tell you a slept-on M.O.P track which is my shit : Instigator from 2005. Pretty much the only 9th Wonder production I like because it sounds nothing like any of his other beats.

  3. @MF M.O.P. has worked with 9th? Is that an official track or a mashup thing?

  4. Oh nevermind MF. I didn't even know 9th did that beat. Yeah, that shit was ILL.


  5. Good looking sir, 9th killed Instigator