DOWNLOAD: XXL's 20 Greatest Stretch & Bobbito Freestyles

NOTE: Shoutout to Hopp.
What's good with these websites forcing you to navigate through twenty different pages to view a single blog entry? That shit is the worst. Are the writers getting paid by page views or something? To save everyone the trouble of clicking all those links, the homie Hopp compiled XXL's list. Applaud that man.

download the tape

1. Absolute, Black Thought, Common, & Pharoahe Monch
2. A-Butta & L-Swift
3. AZ
4. Big L & Jay-Z
5. Big L & McGruff
6. Big L
7. Big Pun
8. Black Moon & Smif-N-Wesson
9. Breezly Bruin, El-P, & J-Treds
10. Children of the Corn
11. Common
12. Das Efx
13. DMX & Percee P
14. Kool G Rap & MF Grimm
15. KRS-One & Lord Finesse
16. Kurious & Souls of Mischief
17. Mobb Deep
18. Nas
19. Smoothe Da Hustler
20. Wu-Tang Clan


  1. It's all about that F5.


  2. What's good with these websites forcing you to navigate through twenty different pages to view a single blog entry?


    THIS. FUCKING THIS (none). FUX COMPLEX, XXL, et. al.

    *daps hl and hopp*

    Verses The F5 Kang.

  3. "verses the F5 Kang said..."



    ^ Classic ...

  5. *daps Thun, Vincent, Hotasballs (wtf?!?), EOP, verses, & Hopp*

    Thanks for checking it out.

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