Chase Manhattan

NOTE: Live from New York.
Unfortunately I found Ill Bill's collaborative effort with DJ Muggs to be underwhelming. While the album contained the multitude of conspiracy theories I was hoping for, the production was a tad too dark and lifeless for my tastes. "Chase Manhattan" succeeds in capturing an aggressive energy which the rest of the record would have benefited from greatly. Raekwon assists Ill Bill in a bank heist. The results are brilliantly vivid.


  1. what up hl, would you happen to know where I can get a compilation of movie soundtracks. Refer this question to the nah brethren, you know one of them geeks gotta know. Possibly Beezy or D-block.

  2. @cOLD I don't know man. You mean like actual movie scores? Which movies in particular were you looking for?

  3. just a variety of joints... i'll look around online after I leave the plantataion. Peace kid.