Nas' Guest Feature Efficiency

(source: nahright)
1. CNN - "With Me"
2. DJ Khaled - "Victory"
3. Estelle - "Fall in Love"
4. Game - "Street Riders"
5. Gil Scott Heron - "New York is Killing Me"
6. Green Lantern - "Power, Paper, & Pussy"
7. Jadakiss - "Soldier Survivors"
8. Levi's - "Hey Young World"
9. Nneka feat Nas - "Heartbeat (Remix)"
10. Spragga Benz - "This is the Way"


  1. haven't heard #9 but besides Street Riders and Power,Paper, & Pussy those features were Delete Bin Music especially that CNN track which when i heard Nore had old Nas verses in the vault i was hype just listen and realize it probably was from the Nastradamus days.

  2. @NovemberEnd Victory is delete bin music? Hey Young World? New York Is Killing Me?


  3. Nas for me has always been hit or miss, never a good middle point