Droptops & Black Milk Tapes

WORD ON THE STREET: "Album of the Year" is tough.
Alright, ok.. I can understand you're just now getting around to listening to Danny Brown, but how are you STILL sleeping on Black Milk?!? Do yourself a favor, download this tape and get that album when it drops.

download the tape

1. Sound the Alarm (Guilty Simpson)
2. Danger (T-3 & Phat Kat)
3. Holla Like You Know Me
4. Losing Out (Royce Da 5'9")
5. Hell Yeah (Fat Ray)
6. Elec
7. Flawless
8. Bad Man (Guilty Simpson)
9. Ugly
10. Run (Sean Price & Guilty Simpson)
11. Monster Babies (Sean Price & Guilty Simpson)


  1. this link is broken.

  2. @Anonymous It looks like mediafire is down for the moment, not just this link. Try back in a little and leave another comment if it's still not working.

    And thanks for checking it out.

  3. half way there this time...just stays onn "processing download request"

    i just wanted to see what this black milk dude is about cause yall ninjas on NR swear by him.

  4. Mediafire's messed up right now. Hopefully it'll be up soon. It's not just this file though, it's the system. I'm not sure what's going on. If it's not up in the next day or so I'll email me and I'll put it up on another site.

    Thanks for checking this out though man.

  5. @Anonymous The downloads are working now homie.