Wu-Tang is Forever

Raekwon feat Inspectah Deck & Gza - Rock Stars
RAEKWON'S VERSE: I love when Raekwon writes stories so dense it takes multiple listens to figure out the plot within his verse. All I know is "he partially zoned, and his dome fell on a rock". Looking forward to rewinding this a few times.
INSPECTAH DECK'S VERSE: Whoa!!! Did INS just successfully execute a double time flow? I'm impressed. Seriously. This type of verse is the last thing I expected, in a good way.
GZA'S VERSE: It's dope how Gary went in directly after Deck with such a contrasting approach. This song reminds me of "We Will Rob You" on Cuban Linx II. Remember when Masta Killa followed up Raekwon and Gza's storytelling with the most random verse ever? On paper it would probably look awkward, but the unpredictable nature of Deck's flow makes "Rock Stars" a unique collaboration. As for Gza's verse, it's incredibly focused and vivid.
RZA'S PRODUCTION: Very soulful. Dope. I'm anticipating 'Liquid Swords 2' even more now, if that's even possible.


  1. I definitely think Liquid Swords II is possible, but I realize I'm not RZA, lol. That shit would be incredible though, because of all the old Wu shit, that's the album I'll go back to the most. I wore the words off all the other shit. Dope post my dude!

  2. It's a bonus track on the Cuban Linx II bonus pack from itunes. It's mostly wack remixes, but this song and the other original track featuring Bun B and produced by Scram Jones are illy. They wouldn't have really fit well on CL2, but they're great songs and well worth the eight bucks I paid for it.

  3. Raekwon on the Kanye x RZA joint :

    " I [heard the song he did with RZA]. When Kanye played it, it was definitely what it needed to be. RZA didn’t stray away from his sound, RZA kept it where he was supposed to be. It’s definitely a hip-hop beat, it’s not a beat that’s being driven to a commercial situation. "

    I don't kno' if u read this already but I find this to be more believable than Semtex sayin' Act II tops Michael Jackson's discography, so I'm jus' puttin' it out there ...


  4. @Hopp What's the source on that quote? You got a link?

  5. " What's the source on that quote? "

    Me ...

    But, since you asked ...


    Do yourself a favor and start reading from the "On Kanye's new album" part.


  6. I have no porblem with Chef, or Kanye or El-P or whoever working with Justin Beiber. But it seems like Kanye's new strategy is to just collaborate with any and everyone. I'm not sure how that is going to work out for him. That track with Charlie Wilson, Beyonce, Lex Luger etc was a train wreck.

  7. It might drive the attention away on his on project ... Or maybe not ... I thought part of the intention on coming back with a solo single [with Dwele not-credited vocals] was to give the stans what they wanted, which was Kanye back, so yeah, I also don't know how that might work for him.

    One thing is for sure, tho, he's gettin' that attention. From multiple sides. So at least that is workin' perfectly from what it seems.

    I haven't listened to Power or the multiple-featured track, tho, so I can't judge the main attraction, I'll just take your word that is not working out ...

    Seems like he's recording so much that half the people who said that the album is incredible only listened to a bunch of tracks that probably ain't even gon' make the final cut.

  8. @Hopp Kanye is a star no doubt. I think he would get that attention regardless if he works with Masta Killa or Katy Perry.

    Yeah, it's hard for me to believe Premo was cosigning songs featuring Drake when he said Ye's album was incredible.

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