Hiero vs Hobo: Who really won?

If you've been following this blog, you already know Casual is one of my favorite MC's ever. He's a member of a crew from Oakland called Hieroglyphics. Back in 1994 Hiero battled another Bay area collective known as Hobo Junction, which was headed by Saafir.

Wake Up Show - Hiero vs Hobo Battle
Most fans seem to agree Saafir dismantled the opposition, but I've always thought the rhymes were pathetic on both sides considering the talent involved. I'm not going to elaborate on all the details and circumstances surrounding the battle, because that's not the purpose of this post. There are already enough blogs out there with the play-by-play. However, I recently revisited the tape and couldn't help but notice the extreme amount of pause-worthy moments throughout the course of the battle. No wonder Del never showed up to the radio station.
Keep in mind this took place before Killa Cam introduced the convenient disclaimer no-homo to the hiphop community. It was an era where lines as flagrant as "you look so good, I'd suck on your daddy's dick" were even given a pass. Still though, some of the phrases exchanged live on the Wake Up Show should never, ever, be uttered by grown men.
Final count is 27 to 16, and it's Hobo Junction by a landslide. Sorry Saafir. Hiero wins, I guess...

HOBO JUNCTION {27 Flagrant Fouls}
1. "I'ma check this receptionist's anus."
2. "When I'm done, your ass will run."
3. "I ride until the wheels fall off."
4. "You should have never came close to me."
5. "Taiji can vouch his vagina for that."
6. "You cute ass new booties."
7. "I'll swing my shit in your front yard."
8. "I'm a strip that ass butt naked."
9. "I'ma have your ass climbing these walls like a poster."
10. "You never got down, you never let off a shot."
11. "Join our crew. We'll call you fat cock."
12. "Nigga come jump on my dick, my name is Saafir."
13. "I seen shit dripping out that little booty."
14. "Come fuck with me."
15. "You got white cream dripping out that infection section."
16. "Niggas can't fuck with the dick slang. Feel me?"
17. "I held your man's hand to save his life."
18. "I suck it in when I cum...I cum...I'm nuttin'."
19. "Who wants to be next to me & that Hieroglyphics ass?"
20. "Don't cross the bay without your fairy token."
21. "Wipe my nut off your chin."
22. "You're too cute...then again you an ugly muthakucka'."
23. "I'll lick the mic until your whole crew cums."
24. "Ya'll niggas is strong but here's some dick."
25. "Ya'll can ask your partner who's poppin'."
26. "I think you been riding on the wrong niggas ding dong."
27. "You wanna get some of this?"

HIEROGLYPHICS {16 Flagrant Fouls}
1. "I'll eat you for lunch when I do it."
2. "I'm hopping on it. Doing it like I need to."
3. "You can't bust none."
4. "You will not ride me like you're saying."
5. "I'm letting you know, I'm feeling you."
6. "My name is Taiji."
7. "God dammit' I'm sweet."
8. "I'm dark skin and hella big. I'll hit a nigga in his mouth."
9. "If you step to Pep Love you're gonna earn DEEZ."
10. "That nigga Big Nose...he holds Phesto's hand."
11. "I'll grab you all."
12. "I'll fuck your crew from the back."
13. "I'm stabbing you like a dyke."
14. "Casual is the man, and I fuck critics."
15. "Get off my dick cause it don't stop."
16. "When I grab the microphone I dance and prance."


  1. This is perhaps the GOAT lattisaw tapes post.

    If nothing else, it's the funniest.

    Good shit fam

  2. I still can't believe a grown man said "You will not ride me like you're sayin'" ... I mean, WTF ...

    Nice job with the post, tho, sir.

  3. "Niggas can't fuck with the dick slang."


  4. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleAugust 23, 2010 at 7:21 AM

    haha great post!


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