Droptops & Fantasy Basketball Leagues

NOTE TO L.A. FANS: Is this what's hot in the streets? Getting rained on?
Bob Azzam - Lakers Theme Song

I'm thinking about attempting to create a fantasy basketball league this year, so I wanted to get a count of how many people would be interested in participating. Nothing is finalized and I'm still in the initial stages of research, so if you say you're in then change your mind later it's all good. As of right now all I know is it will be free of charge, and rankings would be posted on this blog as the season progresses. I'm not sure how much effort this would take on my part, so unfortunately it's quite possible this might not happen at all. Shoot me an email or drop a comment if you're nerdy enough to get involved.


  1. i fux with fantasy baseball mainly, but i've been involved in football. i would like to try basketball...

  2. NOTE TO LAKERS FANS: Is this what's hot in the streets?

    roff, "we are victoooorious" (c)Ron Ron

    Pretty much every season im tempted to do one of these and then I either forget to, or lose interest quickly

    Nonetheless I'd like to tentatively put my hand up for this...

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