We Usually Take All Niggas Garments

Last week my queen and I took a trip to NYC to handle some business. On the way back home I started to feel a tad sleepy, so we made a pit stop at a random mall in New Jersey to grab some music. After making a few rounds through FYE's hiphop aisle, I decided to go with "Doe or Die" and "Ironman". I was shocked to see the Wu-Wear ad was still packaged with Ghostface's debut over a decade later. What do you guys think? Would Divine send me a shirt if mailed this off with seventeen beans attached?


  1. That's too dope! Aww man the memories of the Wu Wear ads. The St. Ides commercials were killer too. Thanks for the upliftment!

  2. Guess whose bizzack?

    *daps HL*

  3. Oh shit. The Ghost of Melbourne. Been getting that money I'll assume.

    *daps verses*

    @Digs The Wu-Tang St Ides commercial was ill beyond measure.

  4. i remember the liner for wutang forever had a 'wu-tang soldier' membership you could get...

    i ain't gonna lie, i thought about it when i was a kid