Remember that time Bomm Sheltuh dissed Dead Prez?

Bomm Sheltuh is the group from Fayetteville, North Carolina that I spoke about last week. The city has produced extraordinary talent such as J Cole, Daryll ArmstrongAffion Crockett, and myself of course.

The Food, Clothing, & Sheltuh album featured an interlude inspired by "Shark Biters" from Shallah Raekwon's debut. Bomm Sheltuh goes on a rant about how major label artists aren't original, and claim to be victims of industry sharks. The song immediately following this interlude has the exact same beat as "Psychology" from Let's Get Free. I doubt that's a coincidence. Check it out...

Bomm Sheltah - Interlude (Dead Prez diss)
Bomm Sheltah - Don't Go There


  1. Best thing about the Beef Rapp posts : The pics.

    Hands down.

  2. I tell people constantly some of the greatest things on earth come from NC.